Passenger carriages. S Class, Numbers 1 to 4

Scale: 1:4. Length 5m. 7 cross seats, each with capacity for an adult and child.

These carriages were built at the Steam Club, Scoresby and completed in 2012. They are a simplified model of the Victorian Railways Spirit of Progress carriages of 1938. These are Australia’s best example of a scale model passenger carrying carriage for a park railway. Features include: 1. Comfortable seating for a long journey. 2. Easy boarding. 3. Side-by-side seating for two children or an adult and child.

Passenger carriages.OP Class, Numbers 2 and 3.

Four of these carriages were built at Warner, Brisbane, Qld. by Jim Jackson, in 1967, for hauling behind steam locomotive No.43. They are a rare example of carnival style carriages from the 1960s. Steam locomotives from various eras have survived but the carriages were mainly lost because they were superseded by improved designs and could not be kept for sentimental reasons because storage space is so expensive. These carriages operated at the Australian Reptile Park, North Gosford, NSW, from 1967 until 1975, and then until 1997 at the Smoky Mountain and Grizzly Flats Railroad, Warnervale, NSW. When that railway was dismantled, the remaining two carriages of this type were purchased by the Melbourne Steam Club and brought to Scoresby in 2023. At the Steam Club, side panels have been added to give passengers a greater sense of being enclosed and to give a similar appearance to the S Class carriages. This work was done in a way that the original structure of the seats was not altered, and the carriages can easily be restored to their original configuration. OP2 is as built and is an eight seater. In the 1980s, OP3 had the chassis replaced to become a twelve seater, with the additional seats coming from one of the other original carriages.