Diesel Section

The club's collection of restored and operational diesel engines is a credit to the diesel team.

On the last Sunday of the month and over the rally weekend the engines can be seen in operation.

Click the labels below to view some of the exhibits.


This three cylinder vertical model EV3 dates from 1931.

It working history is not know.

it was donated by L Arthur Pty Ltd and restored by the diesel team.

Serial number 49502

Mirrlees, Bickerton & Day

This six cylinder vertical model TL6 mark II dates from 1951.

It was purchased by the club in 2006 from a demolition site where it had apparently been used as a stand-by generator.

  Ruston Pump Set   

This 4 cylinder horizontal model 8HRF was built in 1952 and spent its working life coupled to a Stothert & Pitt variable output rotary piston pump. It was installed at the Commonwealth Oil refinery's installation at Port Melbourne delivering bunker oil to Station Pier and Princes Pier.

Serial number 332617

English Electric Air-blast (Willans)

This 3 cylinder air-blast diesel no.ID219 dates from c.1928. The engine was originally installed at Carlton and United Breweries Ltd Carlton Brewery driving a standby generator. After a very expensive exercise to build the massive foundation, and endless hours on restoration and installation this engine is finally operational. Full Details here

 Crossley Instructional 

This engine was manufactured especially for instructing engineering students. It could be run on gas petrol or diesel, using spark or compression ignition. Plates were inserted to alter the compression. It currently runs on diesel.

It is a model GOE115 built in 1930. It was donated to the club by RMIT in 1978.

Serial number 108972

Crossley Generator Set

This single cylinder horizontal Model OE115 built in 1924 is coupled to a DC generator.

It was originally installed in the engineering school at Melbourne University. In 1970 it was donated to Old Gippstown museum at Moe. In 2010 it was donated to MSTEC where it has been restored. It is now installed in a re-vamped section of the museum with a new cooling water tank and connection to exterior exhaust lines.



This 6 cylinder two stroke, model dates from 1945. Its "Superscavenge" feature gave improved engine efficiency.

Its working life started at the age newspaper then completed with the Princes Laundry who donated it in 1998.

Serial number 6RA492


The Deutz is the section's only German engine. Model PMV230 built in 1928.

It was installed in the State Theatre coupled to a standby generator. In 1990 it was donated to the club.

Currently out of action awaiting repairs.

Serial number 16665

Smaller Horizontal Engines

Piping the exhaust gasses out of the museum has allowed for a lineup of single cylinder engines.

Early gas and petrol engines are included in the lineup.