Steam locomotive Franklyn Flyer

4-4-2 Steam Locomotive. Number 1200. details: 1:5 Scale • 12½” (320mm) driving wheels • Cylinders (2) 3” x 4”. Piston valves. Walschaert’s valve gear.

Franklyn Flyer is currently being overhauled.
Extensive work is being carried out on the motion and a new boiler is being sourced.

frank This tender steam locomotive was built in Ballarat by Alan Lewis in 1956. It was built to reflect the classic 1920s British express passenger style. It was used on a portable circular track at country shows, and later when Alan moved to Boronia, at fetes and parties. In the 1960s it operated just outside the western end of the present Port of Echuca Museum, and close to the paddle steamer mooring. It was then sold and relocated to Moama, NSW. In 1984 it was purchased by MSTEC along with four wooden carnival passenger carrying carriages.
This was the only locomotive when the railway started carrying passengers in March 1993. It then hauled the train on the last Sunday of most months until removed from service for major maintenance.