After months of being locked out club members are now allowed back on site and fully vaccinated members of the public are now enthusiastically welcomed on site. Although members have not been on site many projects, both private and club owned, have progressed. Members were amazed and delighted to see what one member had accomplished refurbishing the club's tired old workhorse crane. It no longer leaks litres of hydraulic fluid, it has new seals and bearings for the king post plus fresh paint and tidy up.


Our talented and enterprising volunteer members are well on the way to adding a much needed locomotive to the railway fleet. These volunteers have designed and built the locomotive aided by a generous grant from the Knox Counci's community developement fund. The project was started late in 2019 with the hope of completing it within a year but covid got in the way. Lengthy lockdowns meant members were locked out of the club and delays in delivery of parts ordered off shore halted progress.
As lockdown 6 ends and members can return to the club, operational trials are under way on the track. It's looking good!
The sheet metal work on the body has been delayed by lack of access to workshops but it should have its covers on and be looking the part soon.
Congratulations to all those involved.