Due to the Coronavirus pandemic the National Steam Centre and MSTEC have made the regrettable decision to close the gates to the public. Our miniature railway, museum, and monthly run day will not be accepting visitors until it has been deemed safe for the public to resume normal life. It saddens our members and the committee that while the restrictions are in force we cannot continue to exhibit our collection, however in these difficult times the health of visitors and our members are paramount. The National Steam Centre wishes you well and looks forward to reopening again soon.

STEAMFEST Triumph against the odds.

Fifty millimetres of rain two days before the rally left the rear demonstration paddock too sodden to use.The horses, earth moving and steam ploughing had to be cancelled. The overflow carpark was under water with no prospect of it drying enough to use for at least a week. On top of that Corona Virus fears were building in the community. Things were looking grim but the weather was perfect for rallying over the weekend, the crowds streamed in and there were sighs of relief and smiles all round.