The Lyttelton II port engine is now running on steam. Well done the Lyttelton crew.


Thanks to a generous grant from the Knox Council Community Development Fund club members are able to begin construction of a new locomotive for the miniature railway. Currently the railway is reliant on a single aging engine to service the popular weekly operation. The funding will provide materials to enable manufacture of a diesel hydraulic engine capable of hauling addition carriages. The team have made an impressive start with the chassis and cab well under way.


Great progress is being made on the exacting task of erecting the Willan's air blast diesel engine. This spectacular 3 cylinder engine was built to Rudolph Diesel's patented design for the first successful diesel engine. A year ago the club completed the time consuming and very expensive exercise of building the enormous foundation necesary to support the engine. The bedplate was meticulously levelled then the crankshaft was unpacked from the crate it was in for transport to and from Singapore to grind damaged bigend bearings. It had to go to Singapore because a sufficiently large lathe and the necessary skills could not be found locally. The crankshaft was mounted and the bearings trued before the flywheel was installed. All this exacting preparation has payed off. The cylinders have now been erected. Congratulations and well done the team!