Road Run to the National Rally

A group of MSTEC members drove a couple traction engines by road 140km from Lake Goldsmith to Hamilton for the National Historical Machinery Association's bi-annual national rally.

A steamy start for the Wallis at dawn at Lake Goldsmith

A brilliant sunrise to start the trip

Willans Foundation

Work is progressing on the foundation for the Willans engine. This huge foundation has piers going down over 5 metres underground to find suitable soil to support the engine adequately under operation. The excavation is now completed and a concrete base layer will shortly be poured to give a level surface on which to build the form work. All up, over 80 cubic meters of concrete will be tipped down the hole.

Steamfest 2017

Perfect rallying weather and good crowds of visitors made Steamfest 2017 a great success. The quality and diversity of the displays was exceptional and very well received by the public.


Johnson Portable

Some things take time! Back in 1981 a now deceased club member, Laury Meyers, donated this old, locally manufatured, portable to the club along with a new set of tubes he had purchased for the restoration. Over the following decades several steps have been taken towards the restoration. Many setbacks were encountered but a final big push over the last couple of years has seen the project completed. It had its first run for the Steamfest.
The portable was built by the Johnson and Sons, Tyne Foundry, in South Melbourne in 1910. It was supplied to the Victorian Mines Department for use in the Government Stamping Battery in Warrandyte. The photo shows the last touches ready for display at Steamfest.