V/Line P11 Diesel locomotive"REG"

Locomotive details: Scale: 1:3.8 Kubota diesel engine. Hydraulic transmission. All wheels driven.

This locomotive was designed and built at the club, by club members.
A generous donation from the Knox Council Community Development Fund provided most of the funding necesary and many of the components were donated to the club. The club's talented members provided the labor and "know how". It was named "REG" in acknowledgement of the contribution of MSTEC life member Reg Murton in obtaining the site for the museum and setting up the railway.

reg "REG" is the railway's work horse tasked with pulling the passenger train on most Sundays. This requires it to be very reliable and to run for long periods between major overhauls.

The V/Line P Class locomotive was chosen as being very suitable for modelling. It has four-wheel bogies giving a simpler design than the six-wheel bogies of the larger V/Line locomotives. The body is mainly flat panels avoiding the need to form the curved surfaces of the General Motors Streamliner locomotives. The P Class has a cab shape and nose that is representative of a range of V/Line locomotives. The P Class has a longer chassis than all but the first series of T Class locomotives. The longer chassis gives additional useful space inside the body.It needs to be easily recognised as a typical Australian locomotive and presented as a detailed scale model. The Steam Club values the presentation of its locomotives as being faithful representations of types of locomotives once seen operating on passenger carrying railways. It is a size that matches the carriage fleet.