Next STEAMFEST 12th -14th March 2022

A taste of Steamfest

There will be much to see and plenty of action.
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Steam Ploughing

The pair of mighty Z7 ploughing engines will be using the balance plough as they were designed to do. The engines sit at opposite ends of the field and winch the plough back and forth between them.
Demos in the rear paddock at 11am and 3pm weather permitting.

Mobile Steam Engines

Steam traction engines, steam rollers and steam trucks will all be out and running. After the grand parade the engines are lined up and there will be an opportunity to inspect the engines close up and chat with their drivers.


The miniature railway and tractor drawn people mover will be busy giving rides for all. The grounds are quite extensive so a ride on the train or people mover is a good way to get the top paddock.

Model Railway

Start and stop your favourite engines to control their run around the tracks.

Heavy Horses

The Heritage Draught Horse club are very popular exhibitors at Steamfest.  The club's large grounds provide an opportunity to see these magnificent beasts performing farming duties. You can take the miniature railway or the people mover to save your legs on the way up to the back paddock.

Bigfoot the Dragline

Bigfoot the walking dragline will be putting on a demonstration at 1:30. At 2:30, after the grand parade, there will be a chance to walk through and view it from the inside.


Over the last decade the club has built up an impressive collection of earth moving machinery. The Morris family will be putting on a great display in the back paddock with diggers, graders, draglines and bulldozers and a dump truck. All those classic sandpit toys in full size playing in the dirt. catch the miniature railway or the people mover to the back paddock to save your legs.

Industrial Diesels

The club's impressive diesel engine collection will be performing all weekend. Try and catch the big engines starting up. Start up and running times are displayed near the engines.


The Model Engineers will be showing off their ingenuity with amazing models

Be sure not to miss the intricate reproductions of machinery from the museum constructed from old redgum fence post's!

Thomas the tank engine fans will enjoy the model railway.

Portable Steam Engines

A number of portable steam engines are on display.

Portables include a Melbourne manufactured Herbert Thompson engine.

Working Demonstrations

It all looks much more interesting when you see it working.

The club's philosophy is to be a working museum and the aim is to get the exhibits operational. At Steamfest we go one step further and try to demonstrate machinery carrying out the tasks it did in its working days.

Industrial Steam Engines

The package boiler serving steam to the engines in the Stationary Steam Engine Museum will be in action all weekend keeping the magnificent exhibits turning over.

There are some great pieces of Victoria's industrial and maritime history on display here and they come alive with a gentle hiss of steam.


Steam hammers were once an essential tool of heavy engineering but you are unlikely to see one in operation anywhere but here. Our energetic blacksmith group are progresively bringing an impressive collection of vintage workshop tools online.


The tanks are always a crowd pleaser

Oil Engines

The little engines that kept our farms and small business running when electricity was not readily available are out and running.

Steam Tug Lyttelton II

The steam engines and pumps that operated the steam tug Lyttelton II are set up to mimic the ship's engineroom. Steam to run the engines is supplied by a Farrar vertical boiler.

Visiting Exhibitors

Over the Steamfest weekend the club's exhibits are enhanced by exhibits and displays from other clubs, individuals and community groups with complimentary interests.

busy scene of visitors inspecting mobile exhibits


miniature engines with tank in the background


miniature engines with tank in the background